Sunday, August 5, 2012

Astoria bound.

After Camp 18 we headed into Astoria.

Everytime I see seagulls I think about the movie Nemo and all the seagulls yelling, 'mine! mine! mine!'

We went to the Maritime Museum and one of the options is going onboard the Columbia.

Mark loved it.  He was in his element.

No thanks.  Wouldn't be my cup of tea to wear this.....

Had to love the way they displayed the wet suits.

It was a lovelyday at the coast.  We took Rachel here years ago and had our picture taken here.  Good memories.

We went into the Columbia.  It was pretty tight quarters.

Don't you wish YOU had this classy TV?  I bet you do!

I did like the view out the window.  Porthole?  Whatever.  Like I know what I'm talking about.

Mark relaxes.

What are you looking at here?  A very happy Dad getting a call from Cari to wish him a Happy Birthday, and he got an ice cream cone.
Good birthday stuff!

Relaxing in Astoria is an art.

And we got to see a wedding party.  The gals in the museum gift shop said this happens a lot:  Nice background for pictures.

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