Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Relay this and that

I'm so mad!  I spent so much time adding pictures, and I guess I added one too many......the dang thing locked up on me and won't load the pictures!  Dumb ole blog.  It's late, so I'll try again, but I wanted my Dad and my mother-in-law to see a bit of Relay.  I'll give it a go soon and ensure you catch up.  I love you!!!

This was the 10th year for Hillsboro Relay For Life, and our team has been a part of it from day one.  We're very proud of that.

This young lady was new to Relay: her mom brought her along, and I so enjoyed getting to know her.  What a sweet heart! 

Ah, watermelon.  Nuff said..............more to come!  I promise!  Dumb ole blog........

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