Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road Trip

Mark and I drove on up to Port Orchard this weekend to visit family.  We passed some classic cars along the way.

Finally got to see our great nephew: Eli is so friggin adorable!!

I got to hold him and he was so alert (not here: we wore him out!) and was interested in checking everything out. Very sweet baby.

So my mother-in-law had taken down all the pictues on her fridge, and I wondered why.  Apparently David had discovered that there weren't any pictures of him on the fridge.  So all the other pics were taken down and a big ole pic of David was put on the fridge, with signs alerting one and all to that fact.  So funny!!

Hi David!!!  Looking good buddy!!!

We were hanging out on Mary Jo and Randy's porch and some deer romped up the driveway and went into the deep grass.

That was so cool.  I've seen deer here before, but never this close.

I love their porch.

Makes me want to go out and buy lots and lots of flowers.

Owen needs to get busy and cook Aunt Mary some hot dogs or such.

We went shopping at a store filled with antiques and such, and I found a great 'rocket car'.  I thought it might look good on my kitchen cabinets.

I was right!  Going to do all antique toys up there now.  Huckleberry Hound, you'll never be lonely again!!

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