Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bark For Life!

I found myself one Saturday morning at Bark For Life of Beaverton.  One of the best parts was hanging out with Kathy and crew.  Here is her set up of fundraising.  I love the colors!

This was a great little park.  We all began to make our way to the opening ceremony.

Jill got us started.  You go girl!

Everyone got ready to get started.  Look at the thrilled looks on the kid's faces.  Cracks me up, cause they were actually having a great time.

This young lady is a vet, and she spoke on treating dogs with cancer.  I felt she was a wonderful speaker, and the information she gave us was interesting.

Here is Murphy, one of her patients.  He lost his front left leg to cancer.  He has an amazing spirit, and really brought it all home to us.

Murphy is in good hands, and that makes me happy.

We started the first lap.  Go Victor!

Kathy showed up, bringing two of my favorite little friends along for the ride.

Charlie colored a picture for the coloring contest.

Looking good my friend!

Okay, way too cute of a dog.  Way too cute.

Dean and Bailey hang out.  Bailey is styling with a purple Bark bandana.

Checked out the 'kissing' contest.  Most dogs just wanted to play.  Kissing ain't their style I guess.

A police dog attended as well.

Folks are drawn to a dog in uniform.....

See the stickE on the ground?  That's the dog's treat, and he's just barely containing himself until he can have it back!   Even big ole tough police dogs love their treats!!!

Time to go home.  Loving my new green hat, that says 'woof' on it.  Matches my green sunglasses I got from the Rock & Roll Marathon.  I'm so styling!

And I'm silly.

Kinda goofy.

I'm surprized at how styling and silly and goofy I am!
Aren't you?

The day actually began to have some blue sky: loving that!


I parked in front of this house: loved the flowers.  Makes me want to do more in my yard.
Great day all around.  Go Relay!

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Amber said...

I wish we would have been able to make it. Love your self portraits Mary! : )