Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Starlight Parade done right!

Chalie and Kathy came along for the ride at the Starlight Parade. While we waited for the parade to begin we checked out Portland.  Here is one way cool elephant.

 He wow: here he is again, in a mural this time!

Check out Charlie sporting a way cool hat.

Checking out the RMH entry. 

I loved the Civil War enacters (spelling, sigh) outfits.  So well done!  And I love this picture.  I think it's one of the best I've ever taken.

Charlie loved meeting so many princesses.  And these gals had buttons to hand out.  Made this young lady's day for sure!

I got a kick out of the woman waiting in costume for the extra large porta potty.  Thank goodness they had one!

This is Dave (I believe that's his name...sigh...). He is one of the folks who does most of the work on the float.  He works at Parr Lumber (they sponsor the float), and he is one of the nicest guys around.  Here he shows Charlie the ways of the mini marshmellow gun.  She just shot one at me and I think she even hit her target!

Here Tom, the executive director of the RMH, checks out the gun.  Wade, a young man who has stayed at the House many times, explains it. 


Wade and I had a lot of fun hanging out.  He's very interesting to talk to, even though he likes snakes......I'll overlook that.....

Hey, why weren't we invited to the toga party??


Stars talking to police.  Only in Portland......

Lights are coming on: must be showtime!  We had so much fun: I love being in the Starlight Parade, and I loved that Kathy and Charlie came with me.  I have the best friends every.   :)

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