Sunday, June 17, 2012

Deacon discovers PB ice cream. Happiness happens!

I found some PB ice cream for dogs at Target.  So of course I picked some up for Deacon.  I put it in the bowl, called him over, and he was very confused about what was happening.  He truly wasn't sure if it really was for him.

I finally convinced him that it was, he gave it a taste, really liked it, but the bowl kept slipping around so I took it in the kitchen and put it in the corner.  Worked much better.

Well, Lire decided she needed to give it a try and put her face right into the bowl!  I pushed her out, and I got a very dirty look for my troubles.

"What?  NONE for me?"  Well, the next time I gave Deacon some I cut off a sliver for her and she really liked it.  SO now it's cat ice cream too.  Who knew?  But now PB ice cream is a big treat for certain folks in our home.

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