Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ouderkirk Land

We went on a long, lovely bike ride. It was like a child's book, so sunny and beautiful. And Cari had a surprise for us: as we turned a corner there was a windmill!! Didn't know it was coming and what a gift! We took some pictures with a statue of Rembrant (Cari got very close and personal with him) that is close to the windmill and then we took off to the town of Ouderkirk. Okay, so it's not called that, but that is OUR family way to spell it. Mary Jo and Randy: you have to go there!!! We had lunch at a small cafe on the water, enjoying some wine and Cari had a salad with TONS of bacon. Rather amazing. On the ride we passed by an amazing old car with a big ole trunk on it and we took Cari's picture in front of it. This was the best bike ride I've ever taken.

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Amber said...

I'm so jealous Mary! It looks like you're have a great time. What a beautiful place!