Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ah, Saturday in Amsterdam

Today was a filled day. Cari cooked up some eggs and potatoes for breakfast: that and some coffee made for a lovely way to start the day. Then we headed out to Saturday market to do some shopping for fruits and veggies and cheese. We ran into several folks that Cari knows: she said that usually doesn't happen, so it was meant to be. We then had some apple pie (wonderful!) and coffee at a small cafe, and Mark checked out a Dutch newspaper. He got a kick out of the fact that there was an article on the front about the American Civil War! Couldn't understand what was written, but interesting. Cari's friend met us and the four of us had a fun and lively lunch! We then met up with another of Cari's friends, and the two guys waked with us to rent some bikes. We're going on a road trip tomorrow! Yea! We all got a kick out of the Japanese tourist who were renting about 18 bikes to go on a ride. You can see some of them in their red hats in the picture below. They were figuring out how to ride the bikes, and getting a kick out of the bells on the handle bars (and you need them in Amsterdam!). Then the three of us headed back to Cari's place, and while Cari was in the butcher shop buying a chicken for dinner Mark and I watched while a family tried to lift a mattess in through an upper window. Since the staircases are so narrow the houses here have a hook at the top of the house so they can use a pulley to lift furniture into open windows (and I love, love, love the big windows here). The family was having a hard time of it, and they still hadn't figured it out (the mattress kept hanging on the ledge) but I'm sure all is well now. And a rather strange poster caught my eye: funny! Cari made dinner, so very good, and now we're having a beer, listening to music, and Mark and Cari are defrosting the fridge. I love family. Don't you???

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