Sunday, April 10, 2011

Library riches

I love the library. When I was young my mother would drop me off at the library and I would spend hours looking through the books, enjoying every moment of picking out new reading material. I have wonderful memories of my time there. I tried reading the two books above, one about the travels of Marco Polo, and another a bio of a woman I'd never heard of, but I do love to read about the lives of women and their experiences. But for some reason neither of the books inspired me to go any further than the first chapter. I'm not sure why. So I went back Friday night and picked up more books. Some light weight, fun, silly mysteries, and two women's bios. One about Edna St. Vincent Millay, who wrote poetry during the 'Jazz Age', and Josephine. I really don't much about Josephine and Napoleon, so bout time I caught up. We'll see what we see. If they don't work out, then I'll go have to go back to the library and give it another go, and you know how much I'd 'hate' that.

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