Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fool's Day fun!

Went to the Ronald McDonald House with my friends Jennifer and Cate, taking some treats for the folks staying at the House. Fun! I always like hanging out with Jennifer and Cate, and having them go along made it so much better. We took some cupcakes that look like they have peas and carrots, or mashed potatoes and butter, on them, some 'hamburgers' (vanilla wafers with chocolate cookies and red, green, and yellow frosting--catsup, lettuce, and mustard of course!), and a bunch of 'bacon and eggs'--white chocolate melted over two pretzal sticks, and a yellow M&M on them. They were a hit. Love that. Oh, and I forgot to bring a big ole cake I baked up that looks like a 'peanut butter and jelly' cake. Dang it! I was so upset, but then Jennifer said she was having company that day and she would love to take it home. Yea! I was happy, and it sounds like they really enjoyed it. I'm going to make one this week to take with me to the House on Wednesday. It's a fun cake to bake, and so darn easy.

Then I took Jennifer and Cate on a tour of the House. I wanted to get Cate's picture with Ronald (they hit it off right away), and have her check out the artwork on the walls. I think the artwork makes the House so much warmer and inviting for families. And I like the picture of Cate standing in front of the door to the Trail Blazer room. Different groups sponser a room, furnishing it and maintaing it, and their room has a life size picture of Greg on it. It's fun to see how tall he is and compare your own height to his. I can't imagine being that tall!

And later in the day I went to the Beaverton library and when I parked I noticed a cat in the window of one of the houses next to the library. Then I noticed it was a LARGE cat and was stuffed! Wow, didn't expect that....April Fool's Day to me!


suzette. said...

Wow Mary! These baked goods are blowing my mind with their fun-looking nature!

jenrust said...

yay! we had fun Mary! Lots of fun... Cate is still talking about Ronald, and the art on the walls. Thanks for bringing us along.