Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mary Jo, you would LOVE this place!!!

We went on adventure today. We rode our bikes through town, took a small ferry across the water, and went to an AMAZING store. I so thought of you Mary Jo. Tons of amazing furniture, and everything you can possibly imagine. I fell in love with a table set with a large bench and chairs that don't match. I wanted it so much!! And a bike that looks like a horse. And we rather laughed at the fact that they had book about Obama next to books about Hitler and Goring. Hope it wasn't on purpose. We saw some large ships, including a Green Peace ship, and had lunch. A bit of coffee as well! I'm starting to love this life big time!!! Some crazy street art, and some old train cars that folks are now living in. What a fun day.

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Mary Jo said...

Please bring home the table, I LOVE IT!! Looks like it's warmer now you took your coats off. The windmills are amazing, "Ouderkirk Land" lol. Make sure Cari takes some pictures of you and Mark for this years Christmas cards!! Enjoy every minute. And thanks for thinking of us.