Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rip City

Mark, Doug, Steven, Jennifer, and I went to the Trail Blazer game against the Sacramento Kings on Friday night. It was Greg Oden's first start and we were glad to be there for that. Okay, granted the Blazers didn't play very well, but they won and that's a good thing. Okay, so the Blazers didn't score over 100 points and the crowd didn't get free chulapas from taco bell, but they won and that's a good thing. Right?

One of the best parts was the martial arts group from Hillsboro that performs at our Relay For Life was the half time entertainment. They did a great job as always.

I was proud of them, and I'm so glad they had this great opportunity. They work hard and they deserved it.

So, even with no free chulapas, we had a good time. And aren't Steven and Jennifer such a cute couple? I'm so glad she's home from school and was able to go.

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