Saturday, November 8, 2008

More pumpkin patch stuff

Cari gave me a CD with the pictures I took with her camera. Thanks Cari, I love them.

Here Kseniya and Cari share a laugh (notice Cari is not sharing her apple...must have been raised in a barn by wolves on crack or something).

And I LOVE Jennifer's finger pointing in the right hand side. Cracks me up. You go Jenn! "What did mom say? You stay right HERE!" Yes, I'm sure that's what was being said. I would have tried that on Cari, but for some reason that kind of talk doesn't work with her any longer. Bummer.

Hanging out with everyone, still not sharing. Darn those crack smoking wolves.

We decided to take Cari to the other pumpkin patch after leaving 'Pumpkin Heaven' (see earlier blog). We needed to introduce her to some folks.

Giant Chicken, meet Cari. Cari, meet giant chicken.

AND then we took off for another pumpkin patch, one we've gone to for years and years and years. Cari really wanted some apple cider and this is one of her favorite places to get her some.

AND doughnuts! They make them and sell them 'hot off the press' and we had to stand in line for quite a while for Cari to buy some and share them with her parents (thank goodness the crack smoking wolves that raised her did make sure she shared doughnuts).

Thanks Cari. The doughnuts were the bomb. And mom, look at those sunglasses. Aren't they great?

As we wandered the pumpkin patch, remembering all the times we've gone there and all the fun we've had, we decided to do a bit of trickery. For the old days. Wow, I'll bet you're wondering how we did this?

Ta da!

It was fun Cari, hanging out with you. You bring out the joy in us.