Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grab a shovel people and get busy!

Yesterday our group at work had an off site, working in a wetland in Hillsboro. One of the best parts of going there is seeing the eagles nest they obtained: amazing!

Oh, and the little animals that are scattered here and there. A muskrat: now you don't see those everyday.

After a wonderful box lunch from Panera we went outside to grab some tools. Hey, like I said earlier, grab a shovel people! We're going to plant some trees.

Yes Laura, this means you. I see the shovel: you're ready to get to work!

This is my shovel. Yes, even I grabbed a shovel.

Jan, the gal who works at the wetlands, directed us and ensured we planted the right tree at the right spot. We were planting three different types of trees, and there were different colored flags everywhere showing where they were to go. That made it so much easier!

And THANK GOODNESS I went out and bought myself some boots. We had lovely weather, sunny and just brisk enough to be fall type weather, but it was wetlands after all, and after a big ole rain fall like we had earlier in the week these wetlands were REALLY wet. And aren't those some styling boots I got myself there?

Yes Laura, I know. You have some styling boots just like mine. And yes, you had yours first.

Look past the sunshine folks, and there I am. Planting trees. Having fun.

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