Sunday, November 2, 2008

Party time.

My friend Jennifer and her kids joined me at the big old Halloween party at Cari's place of business. And it was fun!! Jennifer and Kate are enjoying the candy to be had.

Caleb is enjoying one of the two 'bouncy houses' available for fun and frolic.

Luke is having fun with one of the many exercise balls available for fun and frolic.

Cari is hanging out with one 'cool cat'.

Candy was everywhere and I don't think we left any bowl available untouched.

In fact, there was even a wall of candy and it was very appealing. Okay, so I grabbed a couple of Snickers bars. They were there for the taking, and there wasn't an age limit listed! I swear!

Wow, a pirate that provided balloon toys. Now that's cool.

A big ole Guitar Hero. Coolness above and beyond the call!!

Ponies. Yes, ponies.

Spiderman has to get around somehow!

And spiderman is so darn cute, even from the back.

Spiderman found a friendly rat. We decided he should not come home with us. Thank goodness.

And cat woman was there.


jenrust said...

We had SUCH a GOOD time! Seriously, the boys really loved it! I am so glad we could tag along!

Mary Jo said...

I think that cat head will be around for years to come, Looks like you all had a great Halloween.