Sunday, June 1, 2008

FOOTBALL and baseball

Yesterday Mark and I went on down to Lincoln High School for passing leauge. Mark thought Tigard got there at 8, but they didn't get there until 10. Gads. But it got us out of the house nice and early, and coffee was involved, so that was a good thing. Go Tigard!

Lincoln HS isn't a fancy school, but it has a nice view of the hills, all nice and green. I don't think the boys even noticed. They were too busy thinking FOOTBALL.

Mark and Andy and Jerry. All thinking about FOOTBALL.


But we did throw some baseball into the mix. Tigard was playing for the state championship against Clackamas HS. It was a great game, but Tigard lost 3 to 1. But we all wore our "I Believe" shirts proudly, because some of the best young men in the world are from Tigard.

Go Tigard!!

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