Sunday, June 8, 2008

To infinity and beyond!

Mark and I went to the Evergreen Space Museum today: it just opened on Friday and it's pretty amazing. And it's even more amazing that we thought that since there's plenty of room in there for more items. What they do have is choice.

Lots to look at and read up on. Mark, my little space nut, was in Heaven.

And I reminded myself why I would NEVER have gone into space in the 'olden' days. Wow. Not enough room in there for nothing.

Okay, I admit I would like one of those moon buggys. That would be cool.

Or one of these! Is this not cute?


There are several planes and tanks outside. We wandered on over to check them out.

And yes, it's cute, but I don't want a tank, thank you very much.

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Cari said...

Everyone knows that the moon landing was a fake mom.