Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day ya all

Hope you all had a great Father's Day: we did. Started out driving out and picking up Cari, bringing her back to the ole homestead, and cooking up some breakfast. Bacon and eggs, hard to go wrong there. Then Mark, Cari and I went to Al's Garden and had fun looking at all the amazing plants. Lots of ideas happening there. We picked up some plants (got myself a lilac plant-yes!) and just enjoyed the sunshine.

Packing up the plants. My lilac plant! Yes!

Then that night we got together with Erik and his mom and went out for dinner: what a kick! We liked her a lot (she has some really interesting stories about folks she's dealt with during her nursing career. wow, very interesting) and I hope she enjoyed hanging out with us as much as we did hanging out with her. She can come over to our house for bacon and eggs anytime (we don't just have them for Father's day you know!).

After dinner we went to the little place next door for coffee and desert. The coffee was good and they kept it coming (nice!), and the deserts were chocolate and marvelous. And I do mean marvelous! I have to say, even though they won't admit it, that Steven and Doug had a good time as well. Okay, so a bit of chocolate doesn't hurt at a time like this......

The only thing that would have made this day better is if we could have spent time with our dads. We love them so much, and we do know how lucky we are to have them. And our moms are adorable as well. We are so very lucky.

AND I went to a work off site event on Friday at the Jackson Bottom Reserve in Hillsboro. Good food, lots of hiking, and lots of interesting information about birds and their habitat.

They have an eagles nest there that you HAVE to see. Trust me on this. Go. Now.

While there I noticed some hats for sale in their gift shop (I was on my way to the restroom and they caught my eye. man, I even shop while on my way to the restroom. I need help) and one of them was a beaver. It is now mine. Think about it: what a perfect way to promote Caps for Cancer at the Beaver's game! It's a crocheted cap: it's a beaver. Fate. It was fate people.

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