Friday, June 27, 2008

A day at the zoo

We have returned from Gold Beach. Football camp was fun, hanging out with everyone and getting to watch lots of football. I wish I could share that with you, but 'someone' dumped all the pictures...and it wasn't Mark....I'm bummed. But we did have a great time, and be sure if you ever have to sleep in the school gym that the folks sleeping next to you don't have any fruit available for throwing at other people sleeping in the gym. Long story.

But I can share some pictures from our day today. We met Jennifer and the tribe at the zoo. Beautiful weather, the zoo wasn't too crowded, and we enjoyed seeing all the changes the zoo has put into place. Wow.

I think if you were to ask him, Luke would agree we had a good time. Looks pretty happy to me! Blue is his color, don't you think?

Kate may not be so sure about the good time...notice the 'look' I'm getting? She SO cracked me up! I love her glasses.

It's always fun to hang out with Caleb. He's funny, smart, and witty. I sometimes think he's older than he is. If they lived closer to us he would be at our house a lot. We like him. A lot.

Here is Jennifer with the kids. She never gets to be in the picture. Hey Jennifer, it's a good pic of you as well: that's even better! Wild hat Kate.

Mark and a penguin. Too good to pass up. Wonder what the penguin is telling him?

Yes, me and the penguin as well. He's not talking to me though. Must be something I said.

Luke and Mark hit it off. Mark loved hanging out with him. Luke explained things to Mark as they walked along.

A good time was had by all!!!!

And then Mark and I went out to lunch at Claim Jumper (soup in a bread darn good). AND then we went to the movies and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. It was okay, but I think my favorite one is still the first. I used certificates from Intel for both lunch and the movie: thanks to Intel for a fun day!!


CFCina said...

Hey Mary - Sounds like you guys had a great time away at foot ball camp..can't wait to hear which types of fruit where thrown at you at??? ;-)

V & I went on a date Tuesday night and saw Indiana Jones also...same reaction. We were glad we saw it, gotta just a little too "OUT THERE"
for us and the first will always be the best, but we are glad we did see it.

Hope you guys are having a great COOL weekend!

~ Kathy

jenrust said...

Mary, We had and awesome time at the zoo, in spite of Cate's eventual meltdown. Luke told me on the way home that Mark was nice and was his friend. I thought that was cute. Thanks again for the fun time!! Claim Jumper = yum. Glad you had a good rest of the afternoon!