Friday, May 30, 2008

Old Cari

Cari had an art show during the "Last Thursday at Alberta". I loved seeing many of her pieces that I've only seen on her blog. One of my favorites was MVP: Most Valuable Puppy. I may have to open my pocketbook and make him mine. Yep, probably gonna happen. But Old Cari was there as well. Too bad Jennifer wasn't there: Jen, you would have LOVED it. Here's the sign guiding folks on up to the Bitch Office to view Cari's work (Bitch is a magazine and they very kindly offered Cari the chance to showcase her work).

And Mark and I have decided that we are going to go back to Last Thursday again. What a kick!

Steven went along and ended up hanging out with Richard. We were so glad to see Richard, we don't get to see him enough.

Mark and I strolled through Last Thursday, taking in all the artwork and music. And noticing the Old Cari handbills posted.

This band (we think they were a band) was very entertaining! They were set up on the front porch of a house, draped in bathrobes, kimonos, and such, drinking lots of beer, and having a great time. Hope they're there next month. Wanna see them again!

Lots of people came to see Cari's work. Some of her bears are showing behind her. We're so proud of her, not just for her artwork, but for her zest for life and taking chances.

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jenrust said...

Oh! I wish I could have been there to see old Cari in person. I love her!!!