Friday, January 1, 2010

A new tree for me???

Christmas Eve we went out for dinner at Jennifer's Uncle's place. WONDERFUL!! The food was amazing, and the folks there were more than nice. We all had a great meal and a great time.

After we got home Cari and Richard went to Freddies. Earlier they had noticed our little tree was a 'bit' dry, so when they found they could get a free tree they did so. And so all the kids got together and took down the old tree and put up a new one.

Oh, except Crystal and Doug who took a nap. They'd worked early, so couldn't blame them.

Jennifer, Cari, and Richard went to work. Who knows what Steven was doing???

Notice the workers. Notice the nappers.

I was busy baking a pumpkin cream cheese coffee cake and an Almond Roca cake. I love to bake, so I was happy as a clam.

Mark got the honor of putting our Santa topper on the tree. His mom and dad sent him a 'care package' the year he moved to Yuba City and the Santa topper came with the gift. We love it.

Up, up, up goes the Santa topper.

To his place of honor!

The tree looks great!

The next morning we opened gifts. I bought Richard some juggling balls. He's really good at it!

Crystal did great and bought Doug something he really loved.

Wonder what Steven and I are laughing at???

Cari made Mark a gift tag for his gift, with a picture from her 'Ugly Face Wednesday' site (or from a contest they had at work: I don't remember). SO VERY FUNNY!!!

States that she gets her 'good looks' from her dad....

Well, at our house we know it's time for Christmas to be over when the dog dons the raindeer gear and goes around kissing all the women.........

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