Sunday, January 17, 2010

The new year begins.

I went to Barnes and Noble looking for a certain book, ran across this book, and that's all she wrote. I loved it! So now I've given myself a challenge: for the next 3 days this is the only recipe book I can use. And nothing from online. I made my shopping list, and did my shopping, so this next week we'll be having Lemon Thyme Chicken, Peppered Chicken Breasts, Mushroom Pepper Steak, among other wonderful sounding meals. And there are so many more I want to try! I'm so excited.

I found a webpage that talks about making everyday functions more fun to get folks to do them. Examples? Making folks want to take the stairs, or recycle. So I thought about it, and since I don't like to cook (unlike LOVING to bake) I needed to make it more fun and easy. And this book fills the bill. So wish me luck!

And Beaverton Relay looks like it's going to rock!

I adore all the folks there, and you have to know Kathy is one of my favorite folks around. Looking forward to getting to know everyone better, and working towards ending cancer, cause you all know I HATE CANCER'S FRIGGIN GUTS.

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