Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bridal dresses and Ducks

Okay, okay: I ditched the Rose Bowl. There, I said it.
We went to our friend's Bonnie and Kurt to watch the game, and Bonnie was about to take off to go with their daughter Sarah and look at wedding gowns. Now folks, I can go to a football game anytime, but how often do you get to go with a bride to be and look at lovely gowns? Sorry, I couldn't pass that up. And I had my camera on me, so I figured I could take pictures for them. I did, and almost all of them came out, only one blurry picture! I was so proud.

And the gals at the shop were watching the game, and invited me to come up and watch with them at any time, so I actually enjoyed that. How cool is that?

I found that part of the process is looking at a lot of the back of wedding gowns.

Beautiful wedding gown backs.

The lace on this gown is amazing, and this was my favorite dress until she tried on THE ONE. I knew it right away, but she had to try on more, and then retry it on, to be sure. She looks radiant in her dress, and I can't wait to see her come down the aisle on her wedding day. And I have posted NO pictures of THE ONE here. Not until after the wedding. No way. No how.

See what I mean? Lots and lots of the back of dresses. Lots.

Here I am, in my Duck gear, with my pink camera that I am finally getting the hang of.

And we saw some of the front of the dresses. So many dresses to choose from!

Lots of veils to choose from.

After looking at wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses (choosing the colors for those was an event in itself, but once a decision was made it all came together just right and everyone was happy!), we all decided to go out for dinner. Bennihanas (I can't spell worth beans) was the choice since it was right across the way.

Our cook was funny and talented, and to celebrate Sarah's engagement he created a heart of rice. Now I have to admit, that was a first for me, and a perfect way to end an evening.

And hang in there Ducks: we'll get em next year! I STILL smell roses!!!!

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