Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Helping Hands

Yesterday my work group went to the RMH to wrap gifts and help put away food donations. We first ate our lunch in the library. It's a beautiful room and a perfect place to eat lunch.

Then Lindsay gave us a tour of the House before we begin.

I've only been in a couple of rooms, so it was nice for me to see what some of the others look like.

This room has a western theme. Loved how cozy it is.

The paintings on the wall are light and cheerful.

Go Ducks! I smell roses!

I loved the Christmas tree in the 'log room'. Very natural, and fits into the theme very well.

We then got to work wrapping.

And putting away donations in the storage room.

Hi Jenn!

Everyone did such a nice job on wrapping (not one of my better skills, I must say.....).

Before we left we took some pictures in front of the tree in the lobby, and Kathy made a new friend.

What a great group of folks I get to work with. And I mean it: we all support each other and enjoy each other's company. It doesn't get much better than that. I wish more folks had the working environment I have: the world would be a better place if that was the case.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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