Thursday, February 26, 2009

A hit!

I went to bake at the house yesterday and come to find out one of the moms needed both ovens. Her son Trent had just completed chemo treatments and was getting to go home! Needless to say I ended up only baking one small batch so she could bake a big ole dinner for friends and family who drove on up to celebrate with them. It was a happy reason (he's a wonderful kid and a 'Beaver Believer' folks) and I was MORE than happy to pack up my stuff and head home. A wonderful reason to go home.

While waiting for his mom to make dinner he began eating one of the vanilla cupcakes I'd brought with me. She didn't worry about him spoiling his dinner (I have the feeling he could have eaten ANYTHING at that time and she would have just smiled), he gave me the thumbs up on the cupcake (I'd tried a new frosting and wanted his opinion), and with a big ole grin on his face he got into the fridge and he added a big ole pile of whipped cream on top of that cupcake. He was living large, with a large smile on his face: that was one happy camper. Going home.

Keep Trent in your thoughts, sending positive vibrations in his direction.

Before I took off Lindsay asked me to share a copy of the recipe for the chocolate marshmallow cookies I made last week. They were a huge hit with everyone and that made me so happy. With all these folks go through, chemo treatments, the works, anything I can do to help make things a bit easier is good. And cookies just seem like a nice way to start.

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Mary Jo said...

You should just put it on the blog (the cookie recipe that is) It's hard to read it off the picture...Ha!!