Friday, February 20, 2009

Mary, daughter of Edna...

Many years ago, when Doug was three and Steven five, I took the boys on a trip to Ohio for Memorial Day (Cari was scheduled to go to camp that week). My mom's family would make the trip every year to Kentucky to visit the family graves and I wanted to experience that. See a bit of my history. See where my grandparents grew up.

While there my grandmother had some family history books: they were amazing! They were for both her and my grandfather's families. My grandmother was a May and my grandfather an Arnett. I have been wanting a copy of those books for years, and I finally broke down and bought them. There are 5 books in all, 3 of them for the May family. Wow. Let me tell you folks, I come from a vast and varied family line.

Now, according to all of the books, I am the daughter of Edna 'Arnett' Wiles. Now, my mom's name is Erna, so now I have to wonder: is there an Edna out there that is my REAL mom? Hey mom, come clean. Is you my mom? Come on, spill it. I'm a big girl. I can take it.

Well, considering that they have the boys listed as Steven Douglas and Charles Jay (putting their first names together for Steven, and their middle names together for Doug), I guess you really are my mom. Right? I hope so, cause I wanna keep ya.

My grandmother's name was Amy Maxine Margaret May (you would have loved her: one of the sweetest ladies I've ever met: another keeper), her father was William Ernest May, his father was Harmon May (I have a picture of him and I wasn't sure who it was-I have to be sure I label it right away!), his father was James 'Turkey Jim' May, and his father was Caleb May Jr. Caleb May (senior) was born in 1781 (there is some dispute if he was born in May or April 1st: I like the idea that he was born on April Fools Day, so I'm going with that date), he was a Baptist preacher, and he died of breast cancer in 1827. His wife, Margaretta, died at the age of91 after falling off a horse.

I love my grandmother's brother's name: Luster Walker May. Ever met someone named Luster? I thought not.

I'll be sharing more stories of my wonderful family. And don't worry Mom, I'm keeping ya. I've gotten kind of fond of you. Even if Edna shows up and puts in a claim, I'll just shut the door in her face. "Too late baby: I got me a mom!!!"

Here is Mark, husband of Mary, daughter of Edna.


Mary Jo said...

Is that his cell phone and the home phone laying on his lap? Expecting an important call I guess!

Cari said...

oh hell yes!! Looking good dad!