Monday, March 2, 2009

Someone had a good ole time in Tigard

Went to get in the car Sunday morning to get some groceries, and low and behold someone had shot at the car with a paintball gun! Kind of a shock, but after some thought it was harmless.

Livened up the car a bit, don't ya think?

We noticed later the house also got into the game.

And it all came right off when washed thank goodness! We were the only ones hit in our neighborhood (we did see a road sign spotting a few bright spots of orange for the world to see a few blocks over, but that's about it), so probably one of the boy's 'friends' left a calling call. Thoughtful boys, so very thoughtful.


Cari said...

Don't tell me you guys didn't have it coming.

BTW, like the new blog design mom!

CFCina said...

Glad it was WASHABLE!! I like the new blog design too! ;-)

jenrust said...

gak! how terrible!