Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cats and coffee and a big ole loaf of bread.

This last week we took Lire to the vet for her second to the last shot (to help with the healing process for her joints).

She wasn't thrilled about the whole process. Lire usually does pretty good about getting a shot, but this time a different tech gave her the shot. Lire wasn't happy about that(she loves the gal who usually gives her the shot), she didn't take the shot very well this time, and right after the shot she gave the tech who gave her the shot a dirty look, the tech who held her front paws got a dirty look, and then she SHOT into her carrier! She's never done that and the four of us laughed so hard at that one. That was one mad kitty.

So she's hanging in there, adjusting to using the leg differently.

I caught her relaxing in the window. The leg cracked me up. Nice look.

Then I noticed the way the light was highlighting Deacon. Looked pretty cool.

Good ole dog.

Sunday morning Kseniya, Jennifer, Larissa, Cari and I went out for coffee and then to the Douglas Fir to go to the Crafty Wonderland. The coffee was so good. Boy, I love coffee.

I took some pictures of the group, but they didn't turn out very well. I suck at taking pictures.

Cari. Nuff said.

We were all taking pictures throughout the day. While loading my pictures I was thinking, here I'm taking a picture of Jenn and I hadn't even notice the crazy graffiti behind her. Crazy!

No graffiti behind Kseniya. Want to know what we were taking pictures of?

A big ole loaf of bread!!! Coolness. And the lovely smell of baking bread: oh man, it was amazing.

And I couldn't pass up a picture of this. Something you don't see every day.

And no amazing smell.

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Mary Jo said...

Damn, wish I was with you guys looks like a fun time. Coffee, coffee, coffee, I love coffee (too).