Monday, February 2, 2009

Maybe next year Cardinals...

Super Bowl baby. Time for family, friends, and food. Oh yes, and blue 3-D glasses from Intel so you can watch yourself some crazy commercials. And we fell for it folks. Do these folks not look ultra cool and suave?

Wow, Steven is working on that cool and suave look. That's my boy!

Cari and Doug decided that Mark needed help with his cool and suave look. Let's just say Mark and Jennifer were not impressed with their efforts. I think he's cute just as he is.

Now don't think all afternoon was spent in blue glasses from Intel. We're not quite THAT cool and suave.

Mark and Curt hung out. Reminds me of the 'old days'. We met Bonnie and Curt while I was pregnant with Cari. We've been so lucky to make such good friends as we have. Friends that are willing to come to our house and wear blue glasses from Intel and look cool and suave with their friends.

Okay, this is SO NOT FAIR. Jennifer is SO DARN CUTE in the blue Intel glasses.

I am not as cute, but I think there may be a touch of the cool and suave look for me left. And I'm wearing one of Steven's old Tigard HS jerseys, so I am football city all the way.

Cari didn't get the memo for this picture.

Let me warn you fellow bloggers with cute little children. Doug was originally in this picture. In the left hand side of the picture is a thumb. Due to the hand gesture Doug was making he was cropped out of the picture. There were other pictures affected by this effort on his part.

Enjoy blogging cute little children while you can my friends. One day they too may turn into a 'Doug'.

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