Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet cupycakes and kittens. Where are the rainbows?

Last night Mark and I headed on over to Cari's. Why? To take some cupy cakes, AND to see some very cute kittens. Who can resist kittens? As you can tell, not Mark. He was sitting in their favorite chair, and all three ended up snuggling up in his lap.

How cute is this?

Kittens and a nice warm lap: a perfect combination.

And some sweet cupycakes (as Cookie Monster would say). I have a new book, "Hello Cupcake" and I found a great recipe for cupcakes, with a cake mix as the base. I'll share it here later, with some variations. I'm going to start going to the Ronald McDonald House in Portland, and baking, every Wednesday. So trying out some fun ideas to bake while I'm there. Looking forward to it big time! Ah, sweet, devils food cupycakes. An idea whose time has come.


Mary Jo said...

Another baking book? Way to go. How adorable, and the kittens too!
Yes our lives are easily followed on our blogs

Cari said...

This was right before dad started yelling, "Al Gore is a FREAK! FREAK!" to my liberal minded friend and roommate. Jeeeeezus!