Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I had my birthday last week (our computer is acting up lately, so not having much luck with updating my blog). Mark got me a really cute penguin card. Aren't they cute?

Heck, Mary Jo got me a really cute card. I LOVE IT. Penguins in top hats. How could you not love that?

My mother and father-in-law sent me a little doggie card. How could you resist that face? And they sent me some birthday money and I bought myself a ticket to go see Phantom of the Opera. AMAZING. I loved it, and what a lovely gift. Not only got to see a wonderful play, but got to spend time with Cari. I always love that.

Steven took me out to lunch on my birthday. I loved that. Just me and him. How lucky am I?

My mom, dad, and sister called me (mom and dad were back visiting her in Ohio) and they sang that old refrain, 'Happy Birthday'. I loved it. I really did. Made me so home sick. I adore my parents, and my little sister (you crazy kid ya!).

BUT, my amazing gift, the one you'd never guess I would get:

A sting ray bike! YES!!! I was looking for a pedal brake bike, Cari's roommate's boyfriend is really into bikes, he came up with this one for Cari to use due to her broken wrist (no hand brakes baby), and so now she gave it to me. I love it. It made me so happy. I'm looking forward to Sunday morning rides, nice and easy. FUN!

Happy Birthday to me. Your fifties are sure fun, if you do em right.

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Mary Jo said...

No I never would have guessed a Sting Ray bike. I had one almost like it. Fun times for Mary ahead. Take care of those wristed!