Sunday, August 24, 2008

World's strangest Stitch and Pitch

Today was the Portland Beaver's Stitch and Pitch, where folks come to knit or crochet, and enjoy themselves some baseball. I was suppose to get there around 12:45 to set up the booth to collect any caps folks had created for cancer patients. Well, I was late, there wasn't anyone at any table, and I didn't have Alison (my contact for the Beavers) phone number. Let's just say that LOTS of learning about how to set up a Stitch and Pitch happened this year. I even walked the stands, seeing if I could find a bunch of folks knitting up a storm. No go. But I enjoyed the game, and when I got home I put together my 'heck, don't do this next year', and a long list titled, 'oh yeah, better do that next year'. That is IF the Beavers will let us give it another go. We didn't come up with very good guidelines for the actual event. Live and learn.

While I was there, trying to figure out where the knitters could be gathering, I saw some 'interesting folks'. Notice anyone in particular? Someone that might stand out in a crowd?

Yep, one of the folks I spied being a giant ole yellow pencil. The good old fashioned kind, like when I was in grade school. He threw out the first pitch (doing pretty well for a big ole yellow pencil), was there to promote collecting school supplies for kids in the area, and was a hit with the kids in the crowd.

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