Thursday, September 18, 2008


Been working on my cupcake skills. Playing around. Having some fun. Made some cupcakes at the Ronald McDonald House yesterday, just like the one above. I baked up some cupcakes, some brownies, and some sugar cookies. It was fun, and they showed me the stores available to me (sugar, flour, etc). Excellent! Looking through my books, dreaming of sweet baked goods.

And the funny thing? I don't really want to eat them at the house, and since I leave the baked goods there, it's the best thing ever!!

Okay, so I'm baking some cupcakes tonight to take to dinner tomorrow night. All the coaches go to the 'Head Coach's House' after every game to look at tape and eat a little something. And since tomorrow's game starts at 4, rather than 7, we'll get everything rolling so much earlier. Loving that. Go Tigard!

Oh yeah, and a x-ray of Doug's hand. Dork.

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Mary Jo said...

Thanks for putting up the cupcake picture, now all I can think about is having a chocolate cupcake.Mmmm...looks sooo good!