Sunday, August 3, 2008

Relay For Life, Beaverton

This morning Kathy, Leah, and I went and helped the good folks at the Beaverton Relay For Life. When you've been Relaying all night, it 's so darn nice to have someone come and help clean up. Been there. Done that.

Last year I took the picture above of a rather adorable young man.

He was attending again, growing up, as cute as ever, and hanging out with other young Relayers. Good for him!

They gave an award to someone who shows true Relay spirit, in the memory of one of their Relayers they lost this year. It was more special since the two women were friends. Here she is with her award, and there were a few tears shed. How wonderful to remember her spirit.

As you can tell, it meant a lot to all of them.

May we keep the spirit of those we've lost to cancer alive, well, and glowing.

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