Sunday, August 17, 2008

Squirrels and Cupcakes: who'd have thought?

It was HOT yesterday. How hot?

One of Deacon's friends is a squirrel that hangs around the backyard. He (could be a she, but I'm guessing it's a guy) loves teasing Deacon, and will actually bark until we let Deacon out. Then he runs around and around the tree as Deacon barks back. Cracks us up!

Well, we look outside and there he is, rooting around in the dirt, where it's nice and cool. Rolling and hanging out. He'd watch us watching him, but he didn't seem too worried. He was cool and that's all that mattered.

I hung out all day, cooking and organizing my cookbooks and going through some recipes I've cut out of magazines. I cooked up some pulled chicken sandwiches that everyone seemed to like, myself included. Then I baked some blueberry lemon cupcakes, from 'Cooking Light' magazine, and they were so darn good! Mark LOVED them!

My goal is to come up with two weeks worth of weight watcher friendly recipes. Easy ones. Good ones. I like to eat, so might as well make it easy for myself. So far the latest group of recipes I've tried have been hits. Works for me.

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