Monday, December 16, 2013

Wonderful way to spend a Sunday

Mark and I took a drive out to Multnomah Falls Sunday morning.
It was a wonderful time to go.  Wasn't busy, the weather was mild, and the views beautiful. 

It's so beautiful here.

You have to take pictures, right? 

And pose as well.

Look at those falls!
Oh, and the cute boy as well.  He is a cutie.

We walked down a path we'd never been before.

Look at all the snow that remains.  Wow.
This was a pretty falls.



Loved the fog. 

A couple asked Mark to take their picture.
You could tell they were having so much fun being together and riding their bikes.
Made our day even better to meet them.

Mark checks out the fog.
It was an amazing day, and I truly think will do down in my memory bank as one of my favorites.
I love living in the Pacific Northwest!!!!!


Nur lindah said...
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Nur lindah said...

Beautiful Waterfall and nice photos..

Amber said...

I love the fall during that kind of weather!