Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walking for the right reasons.

Today we walked to support Dustin, who is fighting brain cancer.

Nikki and Dustin posed: Dustin sure knows how to show some style!

I took over Steve's sign: I was proud to march for Dustin.

Steve, Dustin, and Nikki: so flipping cute.

Here we're waiting to find out if we won anything in the drawing.
Angie won.  And it's her birthday: glad it was her that won!

Steve had a thing for signs.....

Dustin, his two sons, his Mom and Dad, sister, and her husband.
They are all so supportive of Dustin: what a loving family.

Steve and Angie, our birthday girl.

Sandy, Nikki, Steve, and Mark hanging out.

What a crowd!

Love the view along the way.  And this building was amazing!!!
So glad I have good friends in my life.
And my wonderful husband.  Life is good.

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