Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 4th!!!

Mark and I took off to spend the 4th with Matt, Sandra, and the grandkids.
Great views on the way there.

Sandra's step dad and mom had us over for lunch.

It was such a festive lunch!!
Red, white, and blue rocks!

Mark loved spending time with his brother.

We both loved getting to know the kids.
We fell in love with them.

They were so good and so fun.

Matt and Mark had fun playing with them.

The next day we took a walk and found giant dandelions.
The kids got a kick out of them.

Mark hung out with the bear.
It takes so little to make him happy.....

Love the view off of their deck.  Was a great way to spend the morning.

Coffee and a view. Loving it!

Mat loves coffee too.

His mug is pretty cool.

Mark and Matt chat the morning away.

The drive home was so beautiful.

We saw snow this morning as we drove by Mt. Rainier.

SO beautiful!!!

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