Saturday, September 26, 2009

Days off are good!

Woke up to a rather mellow weather day: overcast, but not chilly. I admit it, I like days like this! Perfect weather for running errands.

Across the street at the school the geese begin to gather.

I notice some of the flowers are beginning to take over new territory. Mark loves working in the yard, so I gave the flowers notice that they'd better enjoy this while they can. The sheriff is coming to town!

While running my errands I noticed this little coffee shop: Cheer Me Up! Coffee. How could I resist? And the gal in the shop was so darn nice, and yes cheerful, so I was go glad I went in.

And the coffee was very good and that cheered me up and that meant they meant what they said. Cheerful coffee was the order of the day.

At home I noticed the little tree growing next to our cherry tree out front. The big ole cherry tree just keeps hanging in there. It's bark is peeling off, it's growth has stopped all together, but the darn thing just keeps on keeping on. And now it has a little brother. Life. Ain't it grand?

More geese join the fold.

Pretty peaceful day on our street. By looking at this picture you wouldn't know the second largest mall in Oregon sits at the end of our street now, would you? And I love that the mall is there, except at Christmas time and I'm trying to drive anywhere: the traffic is NUTS.

And I LOVE my new car. Especially when it has coffee on it. New car and new coffee: loving it!

Once in the house I discovered Lire in two of her favorite places: in a box and on the air hockey table.

Not sure why she loves them like she does, but that's the way it goes.
I cleaned house, met some friends over in Aloha for dinner, and then picked up Doug from work. All in all a very good day!

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Mary Jo said...

I was with you today in spirit!! What a fun day.