Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for the Pumpkin Patch

Do these kids look like they're having a good time? OH YES! Thank goodness my friends have wonderful kids that they're willing to share with us. I love hanging out with the three little rusts and Sunday was a perfect day to go to a pumpkin patch. And Cari came along, so a good time was in the works.

We decided to go to the same patch we went to as last year. Small, but basic.

Cate and the boys were playing in the hay maze when we got there. Go Cate Go!

Luke wanted to show me the monster in the barn. Cool monster my young friend!

Then it was time to catch a ride on down to the pumpkin patch.

Cate was checking everything out.

What a great view. Even the porta potty was colorful.

Cate found herself a pretty darn good pumpkin. That one, and she found many others. There were so many nice pumpkins!

I wanted to take Cari and Mark's picture. Maybe not.

Oh, there you go! What a wonderful picture.

Oh man, they're back at it. Give it up Mary, it will never end.

Caleb found some very amazing pumpkins, and this was one of our favorites.

Mark became the holder of the pumpkins. Knew we brought him along for something....

Luke was having a great time finding a pumpkin. He was running around, testing them out, and I had a great time myself just watching him.

Then Mark and I took Cari out for lunch at Fanno Creek Pub. Like I said, a great way to spend a Sunday!

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