Sunday, September 20, 2009

CAKE at the RMH

When I got to the Ronald McDonald House on Wednesday they were filming different parts of the kitchen. I'm guessing it's for an upcoming Auction for the house (I'll be greeting folks at the door: sounds like fun!). I avoided the camera as much as possible.

One of the dads staying at the house was curious about the camera. Aren't the murals on the wall amazing?

The gentleman running the camera was so nice about answering his questions. I really liked that.

The Western Culinary Institute had a fund raising event where folks would have a meal, and then go into the theater and watch the movie "Julia and Julia". What a great idea! On this day they were bringing the check, and they had a CAKE that looked like a check to go along with it.

Hmmm...think he's waiting for CAKE? Oh yes.

Earlier he was hanging out with me, popping out from behind the island in the kitchen and trying to 'scare' me. He is adorable and he was fun to hang out with.

The official presentation of the cake. Man, I need a new camera. I'm waiting for the Christmas sales to come into being and then WHAM! I'm striking. Jennifer and Kseniya are helping me figure out what type of camera I need to get. Thank goodness for friends who know what they are doing!

The lady on the left created the cake. I loved the decoration, but I have to admit something: I do not like fondant. At least I've not met any that I've liked so far. Oh well, at least there's still frosting to be had. Today I'm going to a baby shower, I've been assured there will be CAKE, and if I'm lucky it will be a Costco CAKE. I do love Costco CAKE. Or at the very least the CAKE will have frosting and not fondant. A girl can only hope.

Ah, time for cake. He had an appointment, but mom was very nice and waited a couple of minutes until they could cut the cake and ensure he got the first piece.

Little guys like him are why I love baking for the house. I'm now working on learning to decorate sugar cookies. The more festive the treats, the more fun, eh???

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