Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Relay Summit

A couple of weeks ago I attended Relay Summit.  This is where the Relayers in the area get together to get pumped up for Relay,
and get some good ideas.
And get greeted by wonderful friends like my friend Karie. 
Is she not adorable?? 

And friends like Kathy.
This is Kathy, the whirlwind! Go, Go, Go Kathy my friend!

And MJ, who gives her all to Relay,
is one of the nicest people you'll ever want to meet,
and she makes Relay work!

I got to sit at a table with some of my favorite people.
How can you go wrong there?

And watch other people play games.
And take pictures of them.

Our theme this year for Hillsboro Relay is
'Saving the World, One Cure at a Time'
It's a Super Hero theme, and I created my own shirt to wear to Summit.
When I looked at the picture I noticed it looks like there's something on the shirt, but there wasn't, and so I'm guessing it's a shadow.

SO, what IS your super power???

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