Saturday, November 17, 2012

A place where kids find their worth

Last night I helped serve a 'Friendsgiving Dinner' for the group Friends of the Children.  They provide support for kids in need in Portland.  I've donated gifts there for the last couple of years, and this was another way I could show my support for what they do.

The gym was very festive, with decorations and balloons.
I talked with some of the kids, and from what I saw the sign above says it all.

They had a 'Thanksgiving Tree' for everyone to write something they are thankful for.  I wrote my family.

Interesting information on this sign.

I loved the tree: I'm going to make one for Relay.

Oh yes, I'm thankful for Justin too. 

It was a wonderful evening.  I loved the feeling in the room, and the care and attention the adults in the program were showing the kids.  The kids were so well behaved, and you could see the mutal respect and affection between the kids and the staff.  I want to increase my time with this group: well worth it!!

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