Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday on it's way....

The weekend raced on by.  On Saturday I worked on my craft area. 
Gave myself a lot more room to work.

I love the view outside my window. 

Sunday Mark and I went to lunch, then we went to a new train musuem in Portland, over by OMSI.

It's small, but the trains they do have there are amazing!
And they don't charge admission: they have a donation box you can drop some money into.  They're pretty much at the start up stage.

Mark was loving, loving, loving it.
His Grandmother used to take him to see the trains,
and he likes when he thinks about thse times.

Big ole honking wheels!

I think this train was my favorite.

After the musuem we went to Lippmans, a party place. 
They were decked out for Halloween.
Jen, this is for you......

We found a 'chicken dance' hat for next Octoberfest.
No, I didn't buy it.  But I should have.

Mark leaned towards the shiney look.

Oh Portland, we love you even when you're dreary.

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