Saturday, October 20, 2012

Color Run: who knew you could have so much fun while people throw stuff on you???

Here is all my goods, getting ready to take part in the first Color Run in Portland.

I wore my hat, and I covered it with the names of those who I know whose life has been touched by cancer. 

I'm ready to go!  I'd ironed on a design to paint, leaving it unpainted.
My friend Karie had created several shirts, set up as 'color by number', but I wanted a shirt with a cowboy scene, to match my hat.
I'm fashionable that way.

It was so fun to have Mark hang out with me while we waited for the run to start.

There were thousands of people taking part.
It was amazing!

I'm in the next group to start: they started us in waves.

As you walked, or ran, through the track volunteers would throw powdered paint on you.  It was pretty amazing, and I think I got my color on.
SO much fun was had.  I want to do this in Seattle next year and get my family in on the fun.  We could do a Vander Yacht Brigade!!

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