Sunday, May 16, 2010

Jennifer and Llamas....

Mark, Steven, and Jennifer and I took a road trip this weekend to Washington. It was about time Jennifer met the rest of the family. And saw some Llamas. I mean Hooper ran with the llamas: why not Jennifer??? On our way we stopped for lunch. Mark stayed cool.

Steven not so cool.


Beer was enjoyed. Mark, as the driver, was a good guy and drank about 1/4 of a glass, with a whole glass of water after wards. What a good guy!

While we waited for food, pool was played.

Mark had a good time. Since I don't like playing pool he enjoyed having someone to play with for once!

Jennifer and Steven hang out.

I hang out. Mark pointed out this booth. Just stuck in the middle of the pool room, like they had this little space and decided to put it to some use.

Pool was fun!

This house is located in Centralia. We saw it the last time we were in town, but I didn't have my camera at the time. I did today.

VERY unusual. Never seen anything like this.

Wonder what the neighbors say???

I took up a late 'Mom's Day' gift for Mom. The intent was to have one big cookie state 'you are...', and then several little cookies have tidbits such as 'sweet, loving, cute, etc' on them. But I had so much trouble with the writing (and I gave it a good go!), that I only produced a few, and left the rest just glazed. They still looked pretty, and Mom understood my intent. That I wanted to make her something that showed her how much I care about her and love her. So even though my practice didn't produce a lot of actual cookies, I think Mom knows that I love and adore her. And that's all that counts.

Jennifer was a good sport and got on the horse for a picture. Wait, doesn't everyone have a carousal horse in their living room? No? Wow. Go figure.

Bampa explains something to Randy and Mark.

Grammy Jo shows Jennifer the llamas.

Some good ole one on one time with a llama.

Very sweet.

The view off their deck was amazing this morning.

Yep, even Maya was amazing. She's very sweet!

Taking pictures.


I just don't get this pose....

On the way home we stopped at Gig Harbor.

Wonderful picture!

Wonderful view.

Stuff to look at.

Birds to pet (even if they are fake).

My boy. Not a little boy any longer.

I just love Gig Harbor.

Driving home, taking the bridge.

Steven and Jennifer watched a movie most of the way home, and laughed most of the way home. Mark and I listened to the Mariner's game. Needless to say we didn't laugh most of the way home........

But we did have a wonderful visit and can't wait til we can go back.

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