Tuesday, May 18, 2010

15 happy years....

30 years ago Mark and I tied the knot on Feb 9th. On May 18th our family gave us a wedding reception in Bremerton, Washington. And as you probably know, Mt. St. Helens blew it's top that day. What are the odds a darn ole volcano would explode the same day as I get to be a blushing bride? GADS!

Why am I making a face in the picture? Mark's grandmother gave us a very unusual gift. She gave me lots and lots and lots of quarters so I could call my mom whenever Mark drove me nuts (how did she KNOW what would happen?). This was to be used for pay phones for you young uns. Cracked me up with all the quarters.

AND she gave me something in a small box to symbolize what Mark would give me a 'lot of'.....and it was from a horse.....get it? In the picture above I'm opening that gift. A bit of a surprise, I must say.

But hey, I bet none of the rest of you got the same gift. Am I right? It makes me laugh whenever I think about it. Thanks Grandma Hazel. You were wicked funny!!!

Oh my gosh, he's already giving me....well, let's just pass that one on.

The cake was beautiful, and we had a wonderful time. When we went to cut the cake we had to ask everyone to come back to the rec hall. My in laws had a manufactured home park at the time, our reception was in the hall adjacent to their home, and everyone was in the house watching the news about the mountain. Now I realize how wonderful everyone was to spend time with us, celebrating, when they probably really wanted to be watching the news.

And the 15 happy years? That was a running gag of my dad's. In this case he would say, "15 happy years....15 out of 30 ain't bad!" And trust me, we've had many more happy years than 15, and we're looking forward to many more.

But no more exploding volcanoes!!

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