Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Madness

Ah, life in the lovely month of March. Here Crystal, Doug (love the face), and Steven (blurry boy) hang out.

Watching themselves some basketball. Go Blazers!

At Thanksgiving I'd gotten a free turkey, so we decided to cook it up. I had invited Cari and Richard over, got our times mixed up (my fault), and so now I owe those two a turkey dinner. I really do. Deacon thinks he should get their share.

Not a chance. But Mark and I did drop some turkey and stuffing off at their house Monday night. We're good parents that way.

Lire is looking for a hand out.

Doug bought himself a big ole fish tank! It's actually pretty cool.

At the RMH some girl scouts decorated the dining room for Easter. Very festive!

Streamers just say 'party time', don't they?

The picture wall is getting fuller and fuller.


More funny! Jennifer is a kick! She went through all the leftovers, and came up with a pretty darn good soup. We were calling her the 'soup nazi'. Good soup, and a rousing game of 'apples to apples'. Fun evening.

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. So good.

Chocolate and pecan cookies. Good!

Happy St Pat's Day everyone!!!

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