Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Today was a good day at the RMH. Okay, so I didn't take any cookies that show above. Someone gave the volunteers cookie cutters that look like a house and a heart, and of course I had to play around with them. I think I'll make some haunted house cookies here soon. It was fun playing around with different ideas.

Scary monster cookies. Right. And pumpkins. And candy corn. The cupcakes were really good!

I too some pictures of the murals. Hey, someone is missing!

Oh Grumby, get over it!

I love this mural. It's so colorful and the colors are amazing.

None of the rooms have a TV, so if the families want to watch TV they have to hang out in one of the TV rooms. This one is right off of the dining area.

A six year old boy decided to ask his friends and family to bring toys for him to bring to the RMH for the kids. These dresses are some of the gifts folks brought. How nice is that? He was pretty excited to bring everything and check out the house.

There are murals and paintings on all the walls.

Hey Bambi, tell your mom to stay OUT Of the meadow. Trust me in this one!

Oh my, someone is peeking in the window.

He's so cute!

This is another of the TV rooms and it's painted to look like a log cabin. Even the fireplace is painted: it's a warm and cozy room to hang out in. I think it's one of my favorite rooms in the house.

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