Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny day in October-excellent!

Today Mark and I decided to go out and visit some pumpkin patches. It was so darn nice out today, and we wanted to enjoy it while it's here.

So we drove on out and found ourselves a pumpkin patch. And the funny thing is that we ran into three different groups of folks we know! Seems like we weren't the only ones that decided the weather was perfect for pumpkin looking.

It was beautiful out there. The colors in the pictures doesn't do the day any justice.

Folks were taking the hay ride out to the pumpkins. The line was too long, so I settled for a picture of the hayride.

On our way out Mark checked out some pumpkin bowling.

And I wanted to see if I'd grown this year. Hmmmm.....

We took off, drove down the road, and found another pumpkin patch nearby. This one had lots of metal animals, most of them chickens! Mom and Mary Jo would love these. They were amazing.

The problem is Mark now thinks of himself as a 'chicken whisperer'.

I TOLD you there were pumpkins.

And singing frogs.

And Tweety Birds. Mom, these are for you.

1 comment:

Mary Jo said...

OH YEAH!! I got have someone make me a chicken like that. I love how your always feeding my chicken addiction. Your the best.